Last Slottery Tournament of the month now running at Millionaire Casino

It is the big dream of online slots players to win big while there are playing their favorite games. These games are simple to play and you don’t need complicated strategies to win, all is based on pure luck. Therefore, online casinos decided to organize slots tournaments where smart players could try to gain profits.

Millionaire Casino is organizing this month its latest Slottery Tournament on one of its most popular slots, Lucky Lady. Players have to pay down $5 to buy in and because of this they could win up to 30 percent of the prize pool. Hundred of players are participating so the jackpot could grow very quickly.

The Lucky Lady Slot game has already been know well by players at Millionaire Casino, as the World War II- themed slot game is one of their most popular online games. The game offers up to three bonus rounds and at each level one could select five planes which leads to unique prizes and rewards.

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